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Thelostmusicdepartment Creates Jobs n Venice Beach…

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Hungry, homeless, musician does not feel like begging for anything, instead, goes to the Venice Beach FREE PUBLIC MUSICAL INSTRUMENT LIBRARY and checks out a Violin for a few hours of free rehearsal, free to busk down the boardwalk, or in the presence of other musicians coming to thelostmusicdepartment’s humble Library, on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, located between Westminster and Clubhouse, M-F 9 am – 4 pm.

The Librarian gives small jobs: loading and unloading of instruments, set up drum kit on beach (WOW! ACROSS FROM SKATEBOARD PARK!), tuning instruments, air brush work, like: PIANO CELLO VIOLA VIOLIN on beach blanket sized fabric or in strips for the Open Air Library. Yes, people r hungry for a buck, so they improve their musical skills and go out and busk, for the duration of the Instrument Check Out Time.

The Musical Instrument Library’s 16th Day OPEN FOR PUBLIC USE.

The Librarian Assistant’s donate time, teaching, instrument training, keeping the beat, defintion $ demonstration of instruments, jamming with novice-elite, all ages welcome.

We advocate services from both elite and classically trained musicians to those who have nothing at all, classically trained as well. cool people need sandwiches, clothes, hygiene products n

TLMD Shares food, sunscreen, instruments. DONATE! EMAIL THE LIBRARIAN! thelostmusicdepartment@gmail.com LINK 2 RESUME

SHOUT OUT TO E -ray brown for his inspiring film, ghettophysics, and his words at the premiere: ALIGN WITH YOUR PURPOSE, signed the Librarian…


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HipHop Culture hear past the judgment!

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Makes my heart freak when I hear people judging others by the way they look, how they speak….that is for the old people b4 us and we can do better than that. Isn’t that what the movement of the people for speak truth and say it real in the media is all about? Isn’t that what rappers like E ray, too short, our dead brethren in the name of love have pushed onto the cultures, and the rappers have been talking to us, the music of our times is all saying? It is what Ghettophysics is all about, and therein, in the title is something derogatory, but it is the moat around the castle! Get in the theater and see this movie and receive the prize that is given: truth to power is really keeping the people low! Hugs and Truth and No Judgment!

Written by featherzzzzz

October 4, 2010 at 7:48 pm

New Movies That Are Critical For The Society To View

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The system tells us what laws are going to keep us safe, define right and wrong, and so many things, but it is such a task for many people to read it all and understand what and who they are voting for, and a good movie can vicariously inform without a textbook take on law. There is no one to help us to think critically about what we are signing on to, believing in, and so, sometimes a killer film says it like it is….GhettoPhysics rocked my consciousness with so much word power and how we the people are dominated by each other, and at the very least, let us know that language is the only real line that separates us from the truth….

Written by featherzzzzz

October 2, 2010 at 10:04 pm

In Love With Truth

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It is my peace of mind to scout for truth, for love, freedom, for those standing up for the underdawg… There are all kinds of movements coming together for the well being of the planet and it’s inhabitants….but nothing crosses the borders faster than a film…

This new movie will be coming out here in a week or so and people, no matter what level of the social hierarchy you are coming from, please view it. Put away judgement and watch and listen. If you listen without judgement, you will get something that you have been waiting for: the truth, and good people with a message painstakingly trying to get it to you in an artist way. Yeah, they use terminology that may cause your brain to associate street level english, but hear it, cause the point is to wake us up! To hear how we are being wagged the dog, being lied to, puffed up, SEMANTICS! Let us be open to gorilla style

Written by featherzzzzz

October 2, 2010 at 9:45 pm


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Can’t imagine being referred to as a ho, huh? I got that, but speaking the truth comes in many languages, cultures, rich n po, Crazy street freak philogy that pertains to what is being discussed….

A new film called, GhettoPlohysics is coming out this month and flies us into the systems of language, the snob to the ho, to the pimp to the CEO. The hidden messages behind what the heck is being said all over the world is depicted in this awesome film, using the Pimp and Ho chARACTERS as the basis of relationships in work, government and how power is wielded and truth is lost sight of BECAUSE OF LANGUAGE and choice of words…..

This movie is honest, fervent in truth, bringing everyone up to the pimp-monicle and exposing what they say, government officials and educators, powerful people in high places and street peeps and the dynamics that are donned therein…

I worked for the news and baby, you ain’t hearing or seeing anything that the news really is sitting on…the media peeps signed their lives away saying they won’t tell if they are not allowed…..

So watch GhettoPhysics and lemeknow what yo got from dat…truthful POV! Check ou the site: http://www.ghettophysics.com/

Written by featherzzzzz

October 1, 2010 at 8:20 pm