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Thelostmusicdepartment Creates Jobs n Venice Beach…

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Hungry, homeless, musician does not feel like begging for anything, instead, goes to the Venice Beach FREE PUBLIC MUSICAL INSTRUMENT LIBRARY and checks out a Violin for a few hours of free rehearsal, free to busk down the boardwalk, or in the presence of other musicians coming to thelostmusicdepartment’s humble Library, on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, located between Westminster and Clubhouse, M-F 9 am – 4 pm.

The Librarian gives small jobs: loading and unloading of instruments, set up drum kit on beach (WOW! ACROSS FROM SKATEBOARD PARK!), tuning instruments, air brush work, like: PIANO CELLO VIOLA VIOLIN on beach blanket sized fabric or in strips for the Open Air Library. Yes, people r hungry for a buck, so they improve their musical skills and go out and busk, for the duration of the Instrument Check Out Time.

The Musical Instrument Library’s 16th Day OPEN FOR PUBLIC USE.

The Librarian Assistant’s donate time, teaching, instrument training, keeping the beat, defintion $ demonstration of instruments, jamming with novice-elite, all ages welcome.

We advocate services from both elite and classically trained musicians to those who have nothing at all, classically trained as well. cool people need sandwiches, clothes, hygiene products n

TLMD Shares food, sunscreen, instruments. DONATE! EMAIL THE LIBRARIAN! thelostmusicdepartment@gmail.com LINK 2 RESUME

SHOUT OUT TO E -ray brown for his inspiring film, ghettophysics, and his words at the premiere: ALIGN WITH YOUR PURPOSE, signed the Librarian…


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Freq a Nature Not so Alone

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Freq a Nature not so alone

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The older I get it appears that there are a lot more of us freq’s. why am I a freq? my friend called me a freq and i was caught off guard, like i was better than that, that I was not like my real freak friend and his crazy stories and horn playing, i find this… as i worked at on a motorola factory line in the middle of the night repeatedly seeing the word freq and realizing that I could leave that job at any time, and that nobody else could, that many would stay in that town of 15k in the middle of tornado alley, that they needed to be there at low wage in the middle of the night, and that I was the freq because I laughed and had a continuous glow, was animated while many seemed already dead, threatening to not wear my antistatic shoe bands because i was ready to find a better gig in that small town (lasted 3 months through the winter), which i did, and threw off my studio tan for waitressing in a smock at the same wage, for less hours (3 months).

In one year i worked as a roofer (2 days), built a Starbucks in an empty Barnes and Noble- much of the time vacuuming just to stay employed (2 weeks), I worked at a cheese plant going out of business, on the cream cheese line, stacking boxes of creamcheese on palettes, mesmerized by the acoustics of the multifarious rooms (2 days), a bartender in a town of 300, that was fun (2 months)! jobs laughing all the way… I just had to attempt to work at a meat processing plant, just for the sheer experience and knowledge of what lies underneath our beloved ham, baloney, turkey, (lasted 2.5 days, 1 day in the freezer). Two.five truck stops where on the horizon for me; waitressing, met some freqs there too, and then i worked at a cookie factory (4 days), (2 days) of corporate purchasing land and property titles on liens, ahh yes, the best and worst for last, the target-making company (3 weeks): bulls-eye, deer, buffalo, raccoon, fox, up at 3 am, drive 50 miles in the dark in deer country, to get to work at 5 am with rubber and hot foam fumes and toxins, wrapping plastic over foam, bulls-eye targets at the speed of light for competition with the other girls across from us, boosting our numbers, making it fun, laughing with the workers, some chick referred to me as, “old girl,” i laughed, preferring freak, freq… funny times…driving home at 3 pm seeing the ba-billions of Mexican Monarch butterflies en route to wherever they go, trying not to run them over on the road, seeing things that not too many freqs have seen b4. That was all in Iowa. Amazing autumn tree leaves…like butterfiles…

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November 12, 2010 at 9:51 am

“Dishes are your Destiny”

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Though procrastination is this evening’s soaking attire…

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November 12, 2010 at 8:32 am

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