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Thelostmusicdepartment Creates Jobs n Venice Beach…

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Hungry, homeless, musician does not feel like begging for anything, instead, goes to the Venice Beach FREE PUBLIC MUSICAL INSTRUMENT LIBRARY and checks out a Violin for a few hours of free rehearsal, free to busk down the boardwalk, or in the presence of other musicians coming to thelostmusicdepartment’s humble Library, on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, located between Westminster and Clubhouse, M-F 9 am – 4 pm.

The Librarian gives small jobs: loading and unloading of instruments, set up drum kit on beach (WOW! ACROSS FROM SKATEBOARD PARK!), tuning instruments, air brush work, like: PIANO CELLO VIOLA VIOLIN on beach blanket sized fabric or in strips for the Open Air Library. Yes, people r hungry for a buck, so they improve their musical skills and go out and busk, for the duration of the Instrument Check Out Time.

The Musical Instrument Library’s 16th Day OPEN FOR PUBLIC USE.

The Librarian Assistant’s donate time, teaching, instrument training, keeping the beat, defintion $ demonstration of instruments, jamming with novice-elite, all ages welcome.

We advocate services from both elite and classically trained musicians to those who have nothing at all, classically trained as well. cool people need sandwiches, clothes, hygiene products n

TLMD Shares food, sunscreen, instruments. DONATE! EMAIL THE LIBRARIAN! thelostmusicdepartment@gmail.com LINK 2 RESUME

SHOUT OUT TO E -ray brown for his inspiring film, ghettophysics, and his words at the premiere: ALIGN WITH YOUR PURPOSE, signed the Librarian…


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Is There Someone Pressing a Button To Create More Traffic?

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Another Moment to Learn A Language!

Sitting at a light that allows 3 cars per green, amidst the car-mass behind me in the mirror, the placated souls silently stew in their cars. Who is the engineer that tweaked this light to ensue so many eye-rolls? This is not the only light in Los Angeles that does this 3-per light petit-maneuvering. There are many lights like this, and I won’t go into their whereabouts, (we all know). I just wonder is there a place to tell someone that this is occurring? An office to request more cars to go bye at specific, intersecting lights? It’s really sad that people have to go through this with all the other things in life, and it could be a great job for some good people to be trained to fix that insane light thang.

There is some amazing traffic here in Los Angeles and we the commuter people abide by learning languages en-route, sing songs and listen to the radio and other positive things to keep the vibes raised while we break and wait. I need not mention the dark side that comes with traffic, especially with the uprise of texters and cellies lost in their mini, cyber worlds. We patiently await a solution, and will travel miles to get around that long light.

Written by featherzzzzz

November 20, 2010 at 6:08 am