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All People Should Experience Poverty: Whip That Judgment into Submission

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To have to go to such an extreme to say that all people should experience poverty-1st hand, is deserving of mockery. Suffering at this time in history, with all this food and wealth and clothes going to the landfill needs to be accounted for. A legitimate reason for poverty needs to be brought out from its hiding place. (see my next press)

All government positions, ESPECIALLY POLITICIANS JUDGES and LAWYERS should be required to spend a year in a lo-income situation prior to being brought in, and WATCHDOGGED as they submit TO IT, just to have a well rounded understanding of what is going on with the poor, not just an educated guess. For Guerilla film Makers to have to have in the subtitle “Will the Real Pimps and Ho’s Please Stand Up, (GhettoPhysics.com) and those pimps be the opulent, kings, leaders, CEO’S, they are saying that the latter are clueless with reality. As I have a coffee, not a latte (on a budget) at Starbucks, and watch the duality of people pass by, I am astonished and ashamed that We the People are divided and NOT ACTIVELY FREE, NOT ACTIVELY insur(ing) domestic Tranquility, NOT ACTIVELY provid(ing) for the common defence, NOT ACTIVELY promot(ing) the general Welfare….


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October 13, 2010 at 7:45 pm

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